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What is conehead? Conehead is the developmental codename for a revolutionary new way to mold EPS foam for helmets. Examine the cutaway illustration of a conehead liner and you can see two different colors of foam in the cross-section. These are much more than just two colors. They are also two different densities of foam as well as two different foams with their own characteristics of recovery from impact and inter-foam bond strength. Also note that one of the two foams is molded as a series of cones. The second foam is over-molded on and around the small cones to fill out the shape of the helmet liner. These cones act similarly to the cone-shaped traffic impact barriers found on highways. Highway barriers are meant to reduce the severity of vehicle impacts with vertical freeway structures and large towers supporting roadway signage. Each cone offers increasing resistance and energy absorbtion as the impact hazard collapses the energy management material. In the case of a helmet, that energy management is the of the EPS liner. Conehead’s secondary benefit comes from the two different foams, molded in two different densities. This molding arrangement allows us to place very low density foam on the inside of the liner, against the users head. Recent research has demonstrated that the level of impact that can result in concussion may be much lower than previously estimated. This low density foam reacts to much lower impacts and thereby offers increased protection from routine bumping that goes on in the course of sport. Conehead is a licensed technology. It is being used in helmets that successfully passed DOT, ECE, and Snell 2010 standards.

  • Shell made from advanced composite fiberglass
  • Multi-element internal shock-absorber with differentiated density
  • Communication ready
  • Air flow directed by integrated ducts
  • Rear air extractors Venturi-effect
  • Comfort padding Hydrostatic and bacteriophobic treated interiors optimized removable and washable
  • Chin strap mechanism Quick-release
  • External high safety anti-scratch visor
  • Quick-release visor fastening system
  • Net weight : 1600 g +/- 50 g
  • Meets or exceeds D.O.T. and SNELL 2010 stand